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  1. pola.treur.org is shwocasing the instant photography of photographer reinier treur, based in the north of the netherlands.

  2. i'm a fine art photographer working on film exclusively. for my regular work i use medium format - and occasionally 35mm - cameras (website: www.treur.org).

    instant photography to me is a side path, which provides fun, instant results and beautiful colors. besides i love just using my vintage polaroid cameras.

    these currently are 4 cameras that take integral film (a sx-70 original and a sx-70 alpha-1 folding cameras, an impulse af 600 box camera, and a toyish supercolor 1000 sx-70 box camera) as well as one camera for peel apart or pack film (polaroid 230 land camera). a modern impossible i-1 camera completes the set.

  3. you can contact me at: pola[at]treur.org

    follow me at instagram: polatreur